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January 22, 2011
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How to Draw a Yin-Yang Symbol by Connor-the-writer How to Draw a Yin-Yang Symbol by Connor-the-writer
1. make sure you can erase (if you want to draw it in marker or something, draw in pencil and draw the marker over it)
2. draw a circle (if you're using a version of paint that can show the diameter of the circle, make sure the diameter is divisible by 12)
3. draw two circles with approximately 1/2 the diameter of the original circle (exactly 1/2 if using a version of paint that shows it) and put them right on top of each other inside the original circle
4. draw a circle with approximately 1/6 the diameter of the first circle (exactly 1/6 if using a version of paint that shows it) in the center of each of the smaller circles.
5. decide whether it will move clockwise (like mine) or counter clockwise
6. decide which is yin (black) and which is yang (white)
7. do one of the following:
a. clockwise + left being yang: erase the left side of the top circle
b. clockwise + right being yang: erase the right side of the bottom circle
c. counter-clockwise + left being yang: erase the left side of the bottom circle
d. counter-clockwise + right being yang: erase the right side of the top circle
8. color it in behold the ancient Chinese symbol
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The steps look really similar to the way I'd construct this shape in AutoCAD:

1. Draw a circle of arbitrary diameter D
2. Draw two 2-point circles with points in the center and the top and bottom quadrants of the large circle
3. In the center of each of these two smaller circles, draw a circle of diameter D/6
4. Trim, select all objects and trim the left half of the top circle and the right half of the bottom circle
5. Hatch with solid fill on one of the halves and the opposite smaller circle

Or are you not familiar with AutoCAD?
No, I'm not familiar with AutoCAD, but it looks like it is the exact same steps, just different vocabulary
I happen to use AutoCAD as part of my professional job, so that's why I'm familiar with it.

And yes, I was trying to suggest that the construction steps would be similar in AutoCAD to what you have listed here.

And as a side note, I've actually drawn my character entirely in AutoCAD before: [link]
wow, that's a very interesting program. Hey, since it says "STP engineering co", does that mean it's a software for engineers? I was actually hoping to be an inventor when I grow up, maybe I'll hear about it down the road.
AutoCAD, made by Autodesk, is a professional computer-aided drafting (CAD) software that is used by engineers, architects, and other technical disciplines. It's VERY expensive though (thousands of dollars).
Well actually some of the things I'm hoping to invent would probably require funds that could probably pay for a thousand dollar software, so there's still the possibility of me using it in the future. By the way, that's funny how you used something worth thousands of dollars for an OC drawing
Well, I made the picture with AutoCAD for two reasons:

1. It reflects my technical inclinations
2. It's a challenge to draw something as curved and dynamic as an OC in something obviously intended for straight lines and circular arcs
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